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I offer both online/distance and face-to-face coaching sessions. These coaching sessions will cover the following areas:

  • Improving your Social skills (where/how to meet women/make friends)
  • How to deal with approach and social anxiety
  • How to create an effective Social media (ex: Instagram/FB) profile
  • How to create an effective Dating app (ex: Tinder/Bumble) profile
  • Improving your Texting skills (effective conversation with women)
  • Dating skills (date logistics, attraction and escalation techniques)
  • How to get an ex back (after an unwanted/unilateral breakup)
  • Relationship skills (how to maintain a healthy LTR)

Online coaching

  • Whatsapp/Skype – 30€ / $40 USD for 1h session
  • E-mail – 20€ / $30 USD (up to 200 words explaining the situation and asking for specific questions/advice – follow up included)

  • Meet me in person at a quiet & safe public spot in Lisbon (Portugal) – 30€ / $40 USD for 1h session (scheduling subject to availability)

Please contact me for further information about your specific situation.

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